Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Many of you were wanting to buy additional leotards for your dancer for the fall (and get a jump on summer).  The below Motionwear leotard will be the one PROVIDED FOR YOU with a SOF COMPANY LOGO embriodered on it as part of your participation in company.  HOW FUN!!

If you would like to order a second leotard, DanceMax in Kennesaw is stocking them for us with your company discount available as well!

Note that the colors below are the official colors.  You may order a second leotard in another style, but please try to get the same color.  Motionwear is the brand with these specific colors.

Leotard from DanceMax:
Motionwear #2515
Children:  retail     $31.00          
               10% off $27.90
Adult:      retail     $35.00 
              10% off  $31.05

Regardless of style, color leotard colors are:

T1-  #419  Vivid Rose
T2-  #466  Mint
T3-  #469  Teal
T4-  #482  Raspberry
T5-  #470  Perfect Plum
Alpha/Omega Black <<

In summer, you are welcome to wear any color leotard you have.  Also, if you have already purchased a leotard in good faith, you can keep it with no penalty.  I didnt realize it would be so hard to nail down these colors!

These new colors are going to bring lots of new excitement to the company levels.  I am excited to see the girls learn and grow.  I am very proud of all of them!

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